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One of the most active parts of Big RED & Shiny has always been our Listings section, where galleries, curators and other organizations post their latest announcements to let you know what's going on. The new Big RED & Shiny look puts all this information at your fingertips, so you can find your way to the art you want to see and the opportunities you seek.

We've also added a whole new category of listings: Classes & Workshops! Are you looking for an evening class or weekend workshop? This is the place to look. Are you offering classes & workshops that you want to promote? Upload them here!

The most obvious addition to the site is our Listings toolbar at the bottom of every page. Here you can see all of our Exhibition & Event listings, Calls For Work & Artist Opportunities, and Classes & Workshops for the current month. You can also check out which exhibitions are opening today, classes starting this week and calls for work with deadlines coming up. Click the blue star to see which exhibitions our editors recommend for this week!

Once you get into our new Listings pages, we've added a lot of features to help you find what you are looking for. Surely this has happened to you at some point in your life: at a party, your friend tells you about their upcoming show and you are really excited to see it, but by the time you get home you have forgotten the name of the gallery. Now, in the new Big RED listings, you can start typing in our search field and the page will filter the listings as you type. Enter the name of the show, the artist, or any word or phrase that will help you find what you want.

We've also added some other features to help you plan your art-viewing excursions. Click any highlighted day in the calendar to see only listings that start, or have an event, on that date. Or, click on the "See Listings For Today" to plan your day.

Every week our editors pick their 10 favorite listings, and with one click you can see only the editor picks. Look for the blue stars to find editor picks in the full listings!

But hey, our editors aren't the only ones with opinions, so now we offer user ratings. If you've seen a show and want to share your opinion, give it a rating from one to five stars and let others know your opinion.

Adding Listings
If you want to add a listing to Big RED & Shiny, we've changed the way you upload and manage listings. This section is still in development and new features are coming soon, but this introductory version gives you a great idea of how things work.

In order to post listings, you must now create an account with us. Accounts are free and secure, so you can log in and post listings. You can post listings and publish them to the site, or save them as a draft to be edited later. Upload an image with your listing, and link to your website so our readers can get more information. You can post Exhibition & Event listings, Calls For Work & Artist Opportunities and Classes & Workshops all with the same account!

Note: listings created prior to February 14, 2010 will not be managed by the account system. Listings will still appear on Big RED & Shiny and will not be deleted.

Upgrade Your Account
At Big RED & Shiny, we firmly believe that our site should offer free listings so that any event or opportunity can reach our entire audience. However, we also know that our listings are a great resource and many organizations use them to reach a broad audience.

Our free listings accounts will allow you to post up to five listings per year. If you want more visibility, we're asking for a $25 donation to upgrade to unlimited listings. We know we've never charged for listings before, but $2 a month for unlimited listings does not seem too much to ask. Your donation will go toward building our organization so we can continue to provide the arts journalism and audience building that keeps eyes on your listings.

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