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Stitched into Memory

STITCHED INTO MEMORY is a free public art exhibition celebrating the contemporary African Diaspora communities of Boston that features traditional West African textiles designed and created by Boston artist/educator, Stephen Hamilton, in collaboration with nine Boston teenagers. To create STITCHED…

Wild Child: Beverly Semmes

Since the 1990s, Beverly Semmes’s work has been at the forefront of contemporary art. Semmes’s work is situated at the nexus of American feminism, puritanism, and history of sculpture and craft. This work spans across disciplines and cultures, from photography,…

See It Before It’s Gone: Anni Albers

In 1984, ten years before her death, Anni Albers published Connections—a culmination, or perhaps a synthesis, of her aesthetic worldview as captured in nine silkscreens. A recent acquisition of the Davis Museum at Wellesley College, the silkscreen portfolio, reflecting nearly…