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Articles Airport2Fortress by Caitlin Masley. Image courtesy of the artist
Studio Sessions: Caitlin Masley

Welcome to Studio Sessions with our guest this episode, Caitlin Masley. Caitlin earned a BFA from West Virginia University, an MFA from the University of Arizona, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Design and Urban ecologies from Parsons in…

Interviews Top/Bottom/or Other by Ryan Turley. Image courtesy of the artist
Studio Sessions: Ryan Turley

Welcome to Studio Sessions with guest this episode, Ryan Turley. Ryan earned his BFA from Parsons, The New School for Design in 2009, and his MFA from the Pratt Institute in 2011. Ryan creates pieces using a range of methods,…

Magazine Xu Bing: Phoenix | Mantle
Photo courtesy of Hideo Sakata
Xu Bing: Phoenix at MassMoCA

Xu Bing: Phoenix, currently on exhibit at MassMoCA, is poetic and political. The artist’s beautiful installations make a traditional artistic statement at first glance. However, an unexpected use of materials gives these works deeper meaning, with insight into Xu’s…

Magazine Mark Cooper, yu yu tangerine, 2013. Wood, aluminum brackets, screws, ceramics, fiberglass, silkscreen on muslin, acrylic, watercolor, marker, rice paper monoprints, digital photographs.
Dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist. Photo: John Kennard.
The Foster Prize: Mark Cooper

It is curious that Mark Cooper’s work, which is the most visually and spatially boisterous, the most materially lustful (though not the most fetishistic) of the four finalists’, is that which directly references Buddhist cultures, concepts and practices of…

Interviews Image from the Anthybrid series by Nikki Romanello. Image courtesy of the artis
Studio Sessions: Nikki Romanello

Welcome back to Studio Sessions and the interview with my next guest, Nikki Romanello. Nikki earned a BFA in sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2008, and an MFA in sculpture from the Pratt Institute in 2011.…

Articles Photo by James Prinz Photography. Courtesy of the Nick Cave and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.
Carnival at the PEM: Nick Cave’s ‘Drive-By’

The Peabody Essex Museum has continued its dynamic contemporary art series, FreePort, now in its sixth iteration, with an installation of Nick Cave’s famed soundsuits. This exhibition goes beyond merely placing the suits themselves in the galleries as sculpture, and…

Feature Wilson Lawrence, Sift, 2010, Museum wall, 52 x 24 x —½ inches
Courtesy of the artist
Paint Things

When we talk about ‘occupying’ these days, we might be talking about a number of things—taking up a few seats on a bus, or how long we’ve lived in an apartment—but since Fall 2011, we’ve come to know the verb…

Magazine A selected arrangement from Hitodama 1-14, cast iron, cast concrete, poplar, 2012" Photo courtesy of Yellow Peril Gallery.
Gage Prentiss at Yellow Peril Gallery

Art openings in December are difficult to attend and hold for a simple reason, “other obligations.” In the face of the additional responsibilities put on many around this time of year, there are still a few who trudge on, decide…

Interviews 2012-11-18-080652722110260157_02-lg
Studio Sessions: Matt Hinçman

In this installment of Studio Sessions I interview Matt Hinçman about his work. Matt Hinçman is an associate professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. Primarily creating work that exists in the public sphere, he typically…

Magazine 2012-08-16-54235603420951018_01-lg
The Walls Are Alive With the Sound of Os Musicos

In creating their vibrant and fantastical artworks, Brazil’s Os Gemeos (“The Twins” Octavio and Gustavo Pandalfo) draw heavily from dreams and fantasy, rural traditions, and urban life and street culture. Strongly inspired by both the hip hop and graffiti style…

Magazine Julianne Swartz, Loop, 2010
wire, speakers, electronics, and 8-channel composition.  130 x 140 x 10 inches
Collection of Jean and Colette Cherqui, Paris
Julianne Swartz at the deCordova

Julianne Swartz’s work is full of contradictions. Within the first few minutes of walking through her new exhibition at the deCordova I had decided, perhaps fittingly, that this was the most and least family-friendly show I have ever seen. Posted…

Articles Janet Echelman
Echelman Update

In a controversial decision, the Phoenix City Council has decided to proceed with a large public sculpture by Boston-based artist Janet Echelman. You can read the full story here. The short version, though, is that art and culture won out…