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Articles Bill Balaskas, The Market Will Save Us, 2016. Boston performance. Curated by Lanfranco Aceti. Photography by Hilary Scott.
Participating in the Spectacle

On September 30th, I, along with a small group of skeptical but cooperative volunteer-participants, an eager and unassuming college marching band, and one very enthusiastic curator with a megaphone, gathered at the entrance of the historic Boston Common. Together we…

Articles Rosie Ranauro, 2016. "Try not to hurt yourself." Digital media.
Real Work: An essay on ableism and art

“I make these when I’m not making my ‘real’ work.” I heard this statement fall out of my mouth and stopped myself, horrified. I was at the opening of the BLAA Summer 2016 exhibit You Think It’s ____, But It’s…

Articles ‘Salt’, Day 99 in ‘100 Ways to Consider Time’, Marilyn Arsem. Photo Credit: Vela Oma
100 Ways to Consider Time: Days 50-100

Realizing durational work such as ‘100 Ways to Consider Time’ is an immense undertaking. As a part of the audience, I was able to stay with Marilyn Arsem’s performance at the Museum of Fine Arts on different days and for…

Feature Still from Here for You (Or My Brief Love Affair with Frank Maresca), 2010. Video, color, sound, 14 min. Courtesy the artist.
See It Before It’s Gone: Ann Hirsch

“You may or may not have real feelings for me,” says Frank Maresca in an episode of the VH1 show Frank the Entertainer…In a Basement Affair. Addressing the group of women competing to win his love, Frank goes on to note…

Feature 'Breaths', Day 50 in '100 Ways to Consider Time', Marilyn Arsem
Photo Credit: Vela Oma
100 Ways to Consider Time: Days 1–50

Exploring time in a new way every day within 6-hour durations through the show 100 Ways to Consider Time at the Museum of Fine Arts, Marilyn Arsem challenges audience members to contemplate time as a material. This multifaceted work of performance…

Articles 'this moment: missives from another world: thirty years of performances photographed by Bob Raymond." Detail of cover.
‘this moment: missives from another world’

A collection of performance art photography spanning decades, the book ‘this moment: missives from another world’ provides a unique insight into the history of performance art in Boston, Massachusetts and beyond through the perceptive lens of artist Bob Raymond. Performance…

Articles Chelsea Coon, Learning About the Universe no.2, Duration: 2 hours, Pozen Center, Boston, MA. 2013. Photo Credit: Ryan Hawk
Syllabus: Open Studios

This is the first installment of a new series focusing on arts pedagogy, incorporating course syllabi and first-hand experience to open dialogues. Here, Cathy McLaurin, an interdisciplinary artist who is currently Visiting Faculty in Performance and Senior Thesis Program at The…

Interviews Image from Grappling Door performance by Rob Andrews. Image courtesy of the artist
Studio Sessions: Rob Andrews, revisited

Welcome to the first episode of Studio Sessions where we will visit for a second time with Rob Andrews. Following our first hour-long conversation, I felt there was such a large percentage of Rob’s work and ideas that we didn’t…

Magazine John C. Gonzalez, Family Meal, Arepa, 2013.
Photo courtesy of Shane Godfrey Photography
Odd Spaces at the MFA Boston

Wednesday night the MFA and Big Red & Shiny were proud to present the Odd Spaces panel discussion at the MFA Boston, following the group exhibition of performance art curated by Liz Munsell, assistant curator of contemporary art and MFA…

Feature Photo of Minotaur performance by Rob Andrews at English Kills gallery. Image courtesy of the artist
Studio Sessions: Rob Andrews

Welcome to this episode of Studio Sessions with guest Rob Andrews. Rob is a performance artist whose pieces often deal with ritual and transformation. Sometimes these are rituals that he creates himself, and other times they are more or less…

Articles Photo by James Prinz Photography. Courtesy of the Nick Cave and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.
Carnival at the PEM: Nick Cave’s ‘Drive-By’

The Peabody Essex Museum has continued its dynamic contemporary art series, FreePort, now in its sixth iteration, with an installation of Nick Cave’s famed soundsuits. This exhibition goes beyond merely placing the suits themselves in the galleries as sculpture, and…

Interviews Portrait of Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke / Photo: © Lorena Alcaraz M. / Mexico City,
The Higher State: An Interview with VestAndPage

“Entering in this state allows me to increase endurance — prolonging the lasting and going into unknown territory — to discover things, situations or conditions previously unknown.” Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes have been working together under the moniker…

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