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Feature Rikrit
See It Before It’s Gone: DRAW/Boston at MassArt

DRAW/Boston, an exhibition of over 60 artists curated by Tomas Vu, toys with scale, color, style, and sound, wedding the scholarly air of a professional university gallery with the aesthetic resemblances of a working artist’s studio. The arrangement alone warrants…

Feature Bahar Yurukoglu, Roll Out, 2015.
Elsewhere: Bahar Yurukoglu

Boston is a transient city. Each fall, legions of artists enroll in graduate programs throughout the city to nurture their talents and connections, and approximately two years later, many move on. While they are here, some of these artists are…

Feature General Assembly
Photographs and text by Matthew Connors
665 pages
Inkjet prints
Hardcover, bound by hand, 7.75 x 9.75 inches
Participation, documentation and the future of Occupy

“The whole world is watching!” This emblematic chant for accountability, which echoed through streets nationwide for the duration of the Occupy protests, would have been both meaningless and impossible without the technologies we have at hand. Watching, we were: on…

Articles Alec Soth, Untitled 15, Bogota.

By ERIK GULLARD Alec Soth’s exploration of Bogota stemmed originally from the adoption of his baby girl. The girl’s biological mother made a book full of letters, pictures, and perms and gave it to Soth and his wife. Upon receiving…