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Paint Things

When we talk about ‘occupying’ these days, we might be talking about a number of things—taking up a few seats on a bus, or how long we’ve lived in an apartment—but since Fall 2011, we’ve come to know the verb…

The Foster Prize: Katarina Burin

At first glance, Katarina Burin’s installation in this year’s Foster Prize looks out of place within the ICA’s sterile, white gallery space.Hotel Nord-Sud 1932-34: Design and Correspondence (2013) is centered around Petra Andrejova-Molnár, a female Czechoslovakian architect active during the…

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Dilated Biography

Like most of America and the Caribbean, Cuba was brutally colonized by Europeans after Christopher Columbus landed on its shores in 1492. Cuba’s native population was decimated, and survivors melded with the conquering Spanish for the next several hundred years.…

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By Leah Triplett October 11, 2012   Silence Toby Kamps and Steve Seid, with a contribution by Jenni Sorkin Published Aug 20, 2012 112 p., 90 color illus. ISBN: 9780300179644 $45.00 If you are like me this October, you will…

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