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Articles The hive at Rock Meadow Conservation Land, Belmont, MA. Image by Brian Fitzgibbons.
Inside/Out: The Art of Beekeeping

Many years ago, while living in London, I became fascinated with honey bees after reading The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. In the novel, a terrible disaster leaves only a few groups of people living in the world.…

Articles H. Burr. Not titled yet. Ink and Graphite on paper. 2013.
Inside Out: Three Gems

A friend pointed out that a career takes a lifetime to take its unique shape, which is longer than I can conceive of. It’s defined he said not by who is tipping their hat to you at any given time,…

Articles drawthroughit660
Inside Out: Stacks

I tend to generate stacks of things – papers, books, wooden blocks, foam bits. I like to keep moving, otherwise I can get stuck. Generating a critical mass of something keeps me from making any one thing too important. Developing…

Articles I drove through the Southwest last December. A success of a trip, never to be forgotten! This is on my way to friends in Ridgway CO, from Tuscon AZ through reservation land.
Inside Out: Success?

One of the most satisfying projects I’ve done was Yardsale. The viewers were a cab driver, a couple of good hagglers and a collection of friends and family. I have a few colleagues that consider it their favorite of my…

Articles What they chose. Other work in the background.
Inside Out: Revelation

Last Sunday I had some friends over to my studio to pick out a wedding present. I pulled out work from all different eras, and tried to stay generally out of their way (a delicate kind of decision-making for newlyweds).…

Articles Inside Out Feature Image
Inside Out: Not an Island

Meeting with other makers has been essential to my practice. Sometimes it ends up that we work together on projects or take an exploratory trip, but it’s usually just a meeting for a few hours somewhere where we can check…

Articles Inside Out Photo
Inside Out: Finding Your Way Back

There was a flash blizzard in Nebraska in 1888 called the Great Blizzard. People froze in place ten feet from their homes, or saddling their horses. Some lucky individuals found a clothesline or fence to follow through the whiteout to…

Articles Inside Out Intersection
Inside Out: Being the Intersection

Being the intersection I tend, over and over, to step into thin air by myself. I do it while making artwork and by not always knowing when I’m making artwork and when I’m just going about the day. Maybe you…

Articles Fresh Eyes, April 21 - Sept 16 2012 
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Linde Wing of Contemporary Art 

Inside Out: Hannah Burr

Our Daily Red is pleased to continue our artist-in-residence series, “Inside Out.” Every other month, a new guest artist will have access to the platform to publish images and jot down thoughts about inspiration, obsession, creative failures and insights. Unlike…

Articles Nocebo Placebo I. Satin paper, quartz (believed to augment crystal resonances), amethyst (believed to relieve pain), garnet (believed to heal blood disorders), tourmaline (believed to aid healing), thread. Source data: Colloca L, et al. Overt versus covert treatment for pain, anxiety, and Parkinson’s disease. Lancet Neurol. 2004;3(11):679—684.
Inside Out: Outro

This is my last post as artist-in-residence at Big Red and Shiny. I have really enjoyed the challenge of making my thoughts coherent on a regular basis. Thanks for listening. Nocebo Placebo I. Satin paper, quartz (believed to augment crystal…

Articles Throw down a rope!
Inside Out: Shelved

Recently, ArtSake posted a couple of blog articles asking artists if they ever set aside works of art that still had potential. Many of the responses struck a chord so I decided to take a look at my own habits…

Articles Inside Out Division_1
Inside Out: Division

I have started making new pieces in a similar vein to Hidden Marriage addressing our peculiar tendency to view man-made as unnatural. It’s a bit like saying that the castes worms make in the soil are artificial. Man-made is, after…

Articles Flashing folds.
Inside Out: Unconscious

It turns out that, while I wasn’t looking, my brain made me do things I had not intended. Back at the beginning of the year I was doing a residency in North Carolina working on a collaborative new media piece…

Articles Fungal reliquary.
Inside Out: Current

I have been experimenting with mushrooms. Not the recreational kind, although I would argue that growing any species of mushroom is fun. In fact, the first experiment is an attempt at another kind of magic—a fairy ring. If you’ve ever…

Articles What is a concise name for an artist scientist?
Inside Out: Identity

I am extremely pleased to have been asked by Katherine Vetne and BR&S to contribute to Inside Out. Getting validation, as you’ll see in a moment, is a wonderful and very helpful experience. Always. Thanks Katherine and BR&S. I have…

Articles Wonderlust Evolution detail
Inside Out: Introducing Natalie Andrew

Our Daily Red is pleased to continue our artist-in-residence series titled Inside Out. Every month, a new guest artist will have access to the platform to publish images and jot down thoughts about inspiration, obsession, creative failures and insights. Unlike…

Articles Eye to Eye, 60'' x 60'', graphite on paper drawn in a spiral over the course of six months, 2010
Inside Out: The Role of Rules

“To work with a plan that is preset is one way of avoiding subjectivity. It also obviates the necessity of designing each work in turn. The plan would design the work.” – Paragraphs on Conceptual Art, by Sol Lewitt Much…

Articles Sketchbooks part 2
Inside Out: Sketchbooks, Part 2

Last week, I posted a sneak peek of some of my sketchbooks, which I looked through for the first time (in too long) while packing up my studio for a cross country move. It’s amazing what you stumble across when…

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