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Scaffolding For Future Repairs: A Goldstein Reflex

I first experienced Audrey Goldstein’s work at the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, MA), after she had won the SMFA Traveling Fellowship in 2007. Goldstein exhibited two healing machines: “Generosity Generator” and “The Medicine Cabinets”, which investigated our internal systems,…

School of Love: Interview with Steve Locke

Steve Locke has two concurrent exhibitions taking place at Gallery Kayafas and Samsøñ called “FAMILY PICTURES” and” SCHOOL OF LOVE” The two exhibitions, which are on view now and run through November 26th. We spoke recently. Robert Moeller: There is…

Preview: Caleb Cole

In this month’s journal, we have two photographers, an exhibition of abstract photography, and an artist from Memphis who uses video. It’s funny how though we don’t plan out each journal to have specific themes that somehow they appear to…

Out and about

The nice weather has encouraged me to get out of the house more than I usually would in January, so I’ve seen a lot of art recently and thought I’d share some of my favorites and encourage everyone to get…