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Feature Color Clocks: Verticals Lean Occasionally Consistently Away from Viewpoints (2012)
35mm film, motors, aluminum, plexiglass Installation view at MIT List Visual Arts Center Photo: Peter Harris
Rosa Barba: Color Out Of Space

Film is perhaps not the first medium that comes to mind when thinking about mimesis in visual art. Mimesis is something that painting and sculpture, for example, do well. Yet an entire gallery at the List Visual Art Center at…

Magazine Luther Price, #9 A Study in Decay, 2012, 640 handmade glass slides, 8 projectors, slides: 2 x 2 inches, projected images. 
Dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist. Photo: John Kennard.
The Foster Prize: Luther Price

Price with #9 A Study in Decay at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Photo: John Kennard. Some of my fondest memories during my college years can be traced back to my art and architectural history courses, sitting in a…

Articles El Topo (1970 Mexico)  aka El topo. Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky
Still from Alejandro Jodorowsky's El Topo (1970)  Photo © Douglas Films
@fter Midnight

The phenomenon of the cinematic “midnight movie” emerged, not surprisingly, out of local television. Facilitated by a new agreement under a Screen Actors Guild residuals payment plan, stations in the 1950s United States began the practice of lacing late-night programming…

Magazine David Claerbout
David Claerbout at List Visual Arts Center

Belgian artist David Claerbout’s first museum survey exhibitition in the US will open this Friday at MIT’s List Visual Arts Center. In an article I wrote about his work in 2004, I summarized: “In his work, David Claerbout moves between…