Monthly Archives: October, 2017

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Claire Ashley is Alive and Kicking in Boston

Those crazy female foreigners are alive and kicking. So claims—in texting-slang—the title of Scottish artist Claire Ashley’s current solo exhibition at Boston University’s 808 Gallery, (((CRZ.F.4NRS.AAK))). It’s an attention-grabbing statement, and much the same can be said for the art…

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Feeling Feeling at the Distillery

In a self-described “series of dubious choices” and “earnest efforts,” artists Emmy Bright and J.R. Uretsky have populated the Distillery Gallery’s space with vibrantly hued sculptures, colorful sand, and self-effacing text in their show Feeling Feeling. True to its title,…

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Arlington’s Pathways

The Minuteman Bikeway passing through Arlington teems with activity throughout the day and into the evenings. Whether it is a cyclist racing to get to work in the morning, or a young child who is still finding their footing while…