Monthly Archives: March, 2016

Feature Elise Ansel, Revelations II, 2015, oil on canvas.
A Repainting of Things Past

As interpretations of history are always subject to revision, how to navigate historical perspectives and objects in the face of new theoretical frameworks emerge as intriguing questions. Elise Ansel–an artist based in Portland, Maine–has for some time been reinterpreting Old…

Feature Remi Thornton, Boys Bathroom. From JCC Ranch. Courtesy of Remi Thornton.
Review: Remi Thornton, JCC Ranch

Located on a four hundred acre property in Elbert, Colorado’s Black Forest, JCC Ranch has been a summer home away from home to kids, like Remi Thornton, since 1953. As a ten- to twelve-year-old camper, Thornton developed a personal connection…

Feature Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 6.15.33 AM
Qualities of Stillness: Paintings by Joseph Ablow

The main characters of “Congregation,” the centerpiece in an exhibition of still-life paintings by Joseph Ablow at the Boston University Stone Gallery, are tables which resemble planets. Eons away from the dining room or any realm of domestic activity, they appear…

Articles ‘Salt’, Day 99 in ‘100 Ways to Consider Time’, Marilyn Arsem. Photo Credit: Vela Oma
100 Ways to Consider Time: Days 50-100

Realizing durational work such as ‘100 Ways to Consider Time’ is an immense undertaking. As a part of the audience, I was able to stay with Marilyn Arsem’s performance at the Museum of Fine Arts on different days and for…

Feature Vanessa Irzyk (detail). Photo by Courtney Moy.
Here to Create: Vanessa Irzyk

In Here to Create, BR&S contributor Courtney Moy speaks to female artists on how they’ve created their own course within the Boston art scene. In this installment, she talks to Vanessa Irzyk, a MassArt graduate who currently has a studio…

Articles Hulsey_Linguistic-Elements-3-300x233
Art for Breakfast: The Chemistry of Art and Language

Sarah Hulsey is a local printmaker and linguist whose work is featured in the two-person show Schemata at the Maud Morgan Arts Center’s Chandler Gallery. The show features Rhonda Smith’s paintings and Hulsey’s print installation “Linguistic Elements,” uniting the artists’…

Feature Elizabeth McAlpine
Pieta, 2014–2015
Black and white contact print, Somerset Tub Sized Satin paper, photographic emulsion, steel, magnets. 31 x 28 x 28 1/4 inches. Private Collection, New York. Courtesy of the artist and Laurel Gitlen New York.
Review: On Exactitude in Science

Guest curated by Dina Deitsch, On Exactitude in Science behaves more like a territory than a gallery. The space is fluidly shared, rather than divided, between the installations of Jennifer Bornstein, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Jumana Manna, and Elizabeth McAlpine, and placed insightfully…