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From High-Up Utopia Down To Business

Why would one want to shift from a life dedicated to the production of art to one invested in resolving educational problems? The question sounds more interesting than it actually is. It presumes that both activities are distinctly different, demanding…

Articles 'this moment: missives from another world: thirty years of performances photographed by Bob Raymond." Detail of cover.
‘this moment: missives from another world’

A collection of performance art photography spanning decades, the book ‘this moment: missives from another world’ provides a unique insight into the history of performance art in Boston, Massachusetts and beyond through the perceptive lens of artist Bob Raymond. Performance…

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Elsewhere: Caitie Moore

Boston is a transient city. Each fall, legions of artists enroll in graduate programs throughout the city to nurture their talents and connections, and approximately two years later, many move on. While they are here, some of these artists are…

Articles Chelsea Coon, Learning About the Universe no.2, Duration: 2 hours, Pozen Center, Boston, MA. 2013. Photo Credit: Ryan Hawk
Syllabus: Open Studios

This is the first installment of a new series focusing on arts pedagogy, incorporating course syllabi and first-hand experience to open dialogues. Here, Cathy McLaurin, an interdisciplinary artist who is currently Visiting Faculty in Performance and Senior Thesis Program at The…

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Boston Common: An Interview with James Voorhies

This interview is part of the “Boston Common” series that highlights the people and institutions that shape Boston and New England’s culture sector. It features a discussion of Voorhies’s new role as the John R. and Barbara Robinson Family Director…