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Articles Cold Hollow Sculpture Park.
David Stromeyer and Cold Hollow Sculpture Park

As culture becomes increasingly networked, seemingly juxtaposed movements — the emphasis on cultural production rooted in place and localism, on one hand, and the turn toward more borderless cultural encounters, on the other hand — frequently come into contact. The…

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The Big Red Shindig

We are thrilled to announce the third BIG RED SHINDIG, our annual fundraiser and celebration of two years since our relaunch. Again with generous support from our friends at the Boston Center for the Arts, Panopticon Imaging, and from our…

Interviews Marlon Forrester
Boston Common: Marlon Forrester

“Boston Common” highlights the people and organizations that shape Boston and New England’s cultural sector by going straight to the source to find out who they are, what they are doing, and how and why they do it. We hope…

Magazine We Are Responsible for Our Dreams
EVERYBODY’S LOOKING FOR SOMETHING at Boston’s Long Wharf, July 19, 2014
Kevin Clancy’s We Are Responsible for Our Dreams

At the invitation of Mobius’ Director Daniel DeLuca, artist Kevin Clancy embarked on We Are Responsible for Our Dreams, a nomadic three-week residency through Cambridge, Boston, Worcester, Providence, New York and Martha’s Vineyard lasting the month of July. The newest…