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Inside Out: Stacks

I tend to generate stacks of things – papers, books, wooden blocks, foam bits. I like to keep moving, otherwise I can get stuck. Generating a critical mass of something keeps me from making any one thing too important. Developing…

Magazine LaToya Ruby Frazier , U.P.M.C. Braddock Hospital and Holland Avenue Parking Lot, 2011. Silver gelatin print
48 x 60 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Michel Rein, Paris
Review: LaToya Ruby Frazier: WITNESS

Forget objectivity; LaToya Ruby Frazier is an activist at heart. Frazier operates on the inside, and her photography cannot be adequately judged within the category of journalism. Although her photographs invite comparison to the iconic WPA photographs of Dorothea Lange…

Interviews Content Drilldown by Andrew Zarou. Image courtesy of the artist
Studio Sessions: Andrew Zarou

Welcome to Studio Sessions with this episode’s guest Andrew Zarou. Andrew earned a BA in Studio Art from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1994. His work typically involves collecting images and objects he encounters, then re-configuring and presenting them…

Feature Azra Aksamija, Inside View Southeast. Investigations on Backyard Mosques.
An Interview with Azra Akšamija

Azra Akšamija is a Sarajevo born artist and architectural historian and, currently, Assistant Professor in the Visual Arts at MIT’s Art, Culture and Technology Program. In her interdisciplinary practice, Akšamija investigates the ways that art and architecture can facilitate the process…

Articles Installation view of Adriana Lara, Scryyns and Interesting Theories, 27 January to 3 March, 2012, at Air de Paris
On Adriana Lara

Adriana Lara, a conceptual artist working in New York and Mexico City, makes work that seems both demanded by and wonderfully indicative of a new type of epistemology of digital exchange. But this can be stated of many younger artists…

Articles picSillmanWilliamsburg_1991w
Notes on Queer Formalism

In a recent conversation with Amy Sillman at the opening of Leidy Churchman’s provocative solo show, Lazy River, at the Boston University Art Gallery, I asked Sillman about the state of painting. In 2011, Artforum considered the “The Ab-Ex Effect,”…

Magazine Photo Credit Jim Bové (materials: industrial auto paint on
copper w/patina, black rubber & sterling silver).
Review: From Minimal to Bling

Walking into the first floor of the Society of Arts and Crafts on Newbury Street, visitors enter into a storefront filled to the brim with work designed and fabricated by local and national artists working in glass, metal, fibers, jewelry,…

Magazine Installation view, Cuban Virtualities.
Review: Cuban Virtualities

The second group show of contemporary Cuban art to take place in Boston this fall, Cuban Virtualities: New Media Art from the Island (at Tufts University Gallery September 5 through December 8) was also the first exhibition of Cuban new…

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