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Open Door Gallery at VSA Massachusetts

The Financial District probably isn’t your primary gallery-hopping destination, but next time you’re near South Station, be sure to check out the Open Door Gallery. Located in a first floor space at 89 South Street (corner of Essex), it’s the…

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Thanks To Our Sponsors

By The Editors October 30, 2012     We would like to take a brief moment to thank this month’s sponsors. These are the organizations and companies that keep us publishing, so be sure to check them out! Featured Advertisers…

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Inside Out: Signed Curtain

Matching Mole, Signed Curtain, Matching Mole, 3:06, 1972 The Living on One Side, The Departed on the Other, Acrylic on Canvas, 44″x116″ (Diptych), 2012 Study at MFA with Onlookers, Acrylic on Canvas, 20″x16″, 2011

Magazine Rashid Johnson
Electric Universe, 2009
black soap, wax, vinyl, wood, book, brass, incense, shea butter, space rocks 49 x 47 3/4 x 7 inches
(124.5 x 121.3 x 17.8 cm)
In the Holocene, MIT

This week you have two excuses to go see MIT’s “In the Holocene.” I’m not sure you need an excuse with such a tight show, but you have two nonetheless. Thursday, at 6:30 pm, 16mm prints of Daria Martin’s Soft…

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Inside Out: Stripes

Without realizing it, I think my first idea to paint stripes inside a box were a way to break out of my habit of painting still lifes with black backgrounds. Introducing white stripes to a black void, as ridiculous as…

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Studio Sessions: Eszter Sapi

Welcome to the newest episode of Studio Sessions, the Big Red & Shiny podcast that explores the concepts and processes behind artists’ work. Our guest this episode is Eszter Sapi. Eszter Sapi is a 2012 MFA graduate from the School…

Magazine Guerrilla Girls - Agents of Change: Art As Activism Academic Symposium, Montserrat College of Art, 23 Essex Street Beverly, MA
Go & See: Tuesday 23 — Monday 29 October

Every week, BR&S picks out a series of gallery events/screenings/exhibitions/performances. Here are our choices for you to go & see this week: • Events Saturday 27 October <- Support BR&S! Bartos Theater, 20 Ames St, MIT Big Red Forum: Community…

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Inside Out: Coloured Objects

Goethe’s Theory of Colours is the book that I’m toting around in the Profondo Yellow video. I got a little obsessed with it a few years ago. It’s laid out by sections, and within each section are very brief and…

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