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By Mail (please do not send exhibition announcements. Our mailbox is tiny.)
Big Red & Shiny, Inc
PO Box 121119
Boston, MA 02112

Submit your own listings using our service. You do not need to contact an editor to create a listings account, just follow the instructions on the Listings How To page.

Before submitting writing for review, please refer to our guidelines.
To contact an individual editor, please refer to Who is BR&S?

Advertising / Underwriting / Media Sponsorships
For more information about advertising on Big Red & Shiny via Nectar Ads visit our Advertising page.
To inquire about underwriting our publication, visit the Become a Sponsor page.
Media sponsorship details are outlined in the following document.

Commenting Policy & Moderation
Big Red & Shiny pre-moderates comments to posts on our website. Comments that we deem to be abusive, off-topic, spam, or that include excessive foul language or ad hominem attacks will be deleted, but we do not censor based on political or ideological point of view. We only delete those comments that include the following transgressions:
• are abusive, off-topic, use excessive foul language
• contain racist, sexist, homophobic and other slurs
• include threats of violence
• are solicitations and/or advertising or contain links
• are posted with the explicit intention of provoking other commenters or staff or are trolling
• contains content that may violate the rights of others or other applicable laws or regulations