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Wild Child: Beverly Semmes

Since the 1990s, Beverly Semmes’s work has been at the forefront of contemporary art. Semmes’s work is situated at the nexus of American feminism, puritanism, and history of sculpture and craft. This work spans across disciplines and cultures, from photography,…

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Video Profile: John Gonzalez

John C. Gonzalez works with people. A native of Providence, Rhode Island, his artwork is broadly concerned with systems of labor and collaborative processes of creativity. Positioning himself as an embedded artist within organizations, companies, and exchange relationships, he exposes…

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Studio Sessions: Andrew Zarou

Welcome to Studio Sessions with this episode’s guest Andrew Zarou. Andrew earned a BA in Studio Art from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1994. His work typically involves collecting images and objects he encounters, then re-configuring and presenting them…

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