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Articles Jeff Smith, Beret Day (2001). Part of No Art / No Point. Courtesy of Fort Point Cultural Coalition.
Art in Service: A Conversation

Art in Service: a conversation between Leah Triplett Harrington of BR&S, Kate Gilbert of Now + There, and Maggie Cavallo of Alter Projects Last month, the City of Boston launched Boston Creates, its first-ever cultural plan. The ten-year plan aspires…

Articles Jed Speare (2015) live at Mobius, World Listening Day concert (Non-Event) Photo: Susanna Bolle
Listening to Jed Speare (1954-2016)

When Jed Speare died earlier this spring, Boston’s experimental arts community lost a pioneering artist, a tenacious advocate, a dear colleague, and an even more dear friend. Jed was best known for his work as a composer and sound artist,…

Articles Dennis Congdon, Two Palms, 2015.
The Congeries of Dennis Congdon

In Marguerite Yourcenar’s essay, “That Mighty Sculptor, Time,” she speaks of the “involuntary beauty” of ruined sculpture from the ancient past: …statues so thoroughly shattered that out of the debris a new work of art is born: a naked foot…

Articles "First pack of cigarettes (one left), skeleton key, two dollar bill, Apollo landing coin." Image by Caitlin Duennebier.
Inside/Out: Memory Archive

Being a pack rat and a sucker for attachment to objects, I’ve put a lot of thought into the value of things if you are using memory as a currency. Recently my sister Nicole Duennebier and I were invited to participate in…

Articles Installation View. RADCLIFFE BAILEY, Samsøñ, Boston, MA | April 1 – May 28, 2016
Photo: Heather McGrath
Weekend Reading Roundup

When we aren’t seeing new work and writing about it, we’re probably reading. Here’s a selection of some articles that we’ve read in the past couple of weeks and found particularly engaging. Some are recent, while others are older and…

Articles The hive at Rock Meadow Conservation Land, Belmont, MA. Image by Brian Fitzgibbons.
Inside/Out: The Art of Beekeeping

Many years ago, while living in London, I became fascinated with honey bees after reading The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. In the novel, a terrible disaster leaves only a few groups of people living in the world.…

Articles Shaw Memorial Vandalized
Boston Monuments: Memorial and Meaning

One beautiful July morning in 2013 Boston woke to discover green paint had been thrown against the Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment Memorial that sits across from the State House in the Boston Public Garden. Outrage followed but…

Articles Beyond the Bust
Beyond the Bust: Defining Our Public Monuments

In his seminal study on the subject, The Texture of Memory: Holocaust Memorials and Meaning, James Young distinguishes monuments from memorials as “material objects, sculptures, and installations used to memorialize a person or thing…a memorial may be a day, a…

Articles nicole duennebier
Inside/Out: Secret Artists

Recently, I was thinking about the artists I look up to and who play an integral part in my art practice. What immediately popped into my head weren’t the well-renowned high-end gallery artists, but the secret artists. The artists with…

Articles Caitlin-Duennebier
Inside/Out: Caitlin Duennebier

After hiatus, Big Red & Shiny is pleased to continue Inside/Out, our artist-in-residence series. Inside/Out last ran during 2012 through 2013, and offered a space in which artists could discuss their studio practice and work. In this new iteration, a…

Articles ‘Salt’, Day 99 in ‘100 Ways to Consider Time’, Marilyn Arsem. Photo Credit: Vela Oma
100 Ways to Consider Time: Days 50-100

Realizing durational work such as ‘100 Ways to Consider Time’ is an immense undertaking. As a part of the audience, I was able to stay with Marilyn Arsem’s performance at the Museum of Fine Arts on different days and for…

Articles Hulsey_Linguistic-Elements-3-300x233
Art for Breakfast: The Chemistry of Art and Language

Sarah Hulsey is a local printmaker and linguist whose work is featured in the two-person show Schemata at the Maud Morgan Arts Center’s Chandler Gallery. The show features Rhonda Smith’s paintings and Hulsey’s print installation “Linguistic Elements,” uniting the artists’…

Articles compass 4
From High-Up Utopia Down To Business

Why would one want to shift from a life dedicated to the production of art to one invested in resolving educational problems? The question sounds more interesting than it actually is. It presumes that both activities are distinctly different, demanding…

Articles 'this moment: missives from another world: thirty years of performances photographed by Bob Raymond." Detail of cover.
‘this moment: missives from another world’

A collection of performance art photography spanning decades, the book ‘this moment: missives from another world’ provides a unique insight into the history of performance art in Boston, Massachusetts and beyond through the perceptive lens of artist Bob Raymond. Performance…

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