Taney Roniger & Jonathan Hedegaard 0

Forget Understanding: Art as Encounter with Radical Otherness

Art is difficult to understand. In the domain of public perception, few truisms have enjoyed greater staying power than this one. What with its endless parade of unfamiliar forms, its highbrow hijinks and hopelessly cryptic meanings, things can hardly be expected to be otherwise. Many in number, however, are those…

Alexander Castro 0

See It Before It’s Gone: Taylor Clough at Occam Projects

Taylor Clough’s Is, And of The at Occam Projects features an assortment of paintings on canvas and paper, absorbingly and tauntingly saturated. Clough painted people as an undergrad, but her current sceneries are unpopulated. Though lacking in figuration, she paints these apartment views, subway seats, windows and waterless pools as…

Silvi Naci 0

STAND UP: Silvi Naci in Conversation with Dell M. Hamilton

Dell M. Hamilton’s work draws on not only the historical conventions of photography and performance art but also on the history of black theater, the written and oral traditions of black & Latina women writers as well as the contradiction & exuberance of drag performance. In this interview, we spoke about…

Susanna Bolle 1

Listening to Jed Speare (1954-2016)

When Jed Speare died earlier this spring, Boston’s experimental arts community lost a pioneering artist, a tenacious advocate, a dear colleague, and an even more dear friend. Jed was best known for his work as a composer and sound artist, but his work was truly multidisciplinary, encompassing video, installation, and…