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More Additive than Subtractive: Kate Gilbert

In college, she studied painting. She had wanted to be a writer. Her father was a writer. But in college, she transitioned from drawing fictions on a page to painting pictures onto canvases. She was committed to painting when she took a 3D course. She labored over soapstone sculptures, carving…

Robert Moeller 0

Someone Will Build Something Somewhere: Ian McMahon at T+H Gallery

The idea of site-specific work, manifestly not a dwelling or fortification, is as ancient as any statuary or temple grounds yet discovered. The archeological record suggests that once past the hurdles of shelter and protection, our ancestors turned to monuments tied to religion, governance, and social ritual. Over time, these…

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Interview with Robert Chamberlin

I followed Robert Chamberlin’s artwork for about a year when his solo exhibition at Miller Yezerski opened in January 2016. I arrived during the peak of First Friday festivities to find an intimate space of the gallery’s rear space packed with people, causing Chamberlin’s installation of delicate, elaborate ceramics to…

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Video Profile: Sarah Malakoff

Nest. Cave. Den. When we speak about our homes, the spaces we have carved out for ourselves in the world, we speak of them in terms once reserved for animal habitats. Like crows and magpies, drawn to bright plastics and aluminum foil, many of us cultivate our surroundings instinctively, making…