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Demonstrators Protest Cultural Appropriation in MFA Galleries

This piece has been updated, click here to view it. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has found itself mired in controversy over an in-gallery program responding to Claude Monet’s La Japonaise, a portrait of the artist’s wife Camille clad in a kimono and posing with a fan. Replicas of…

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Review: Eva Koťátková at MIT List Visual Arts Center

Standing at the forefront of investigation and reflection into the complex social and cultural issues underlying a changing world, the List Visual Arts Center at MIT provides a perfect context for the Prague-based artist Eva Koťátková’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States. “Be careful of that trap,” a…

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Boston Common: GRIN

“Boston Common” highlights the people and organizations that shape Boston and New England’s cultural sector by going straight to the source to find out who they are, what they are doing, and how and why they do it. We hope that the interview series will champion some of the exemplary…

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Video Profile: Sarah Malakoff

Nest. Cave. Den. When we speak about our homes, the spaces we have carved out for ourselves in the world, we speak of them in terms once reserved for animal habitats. Like crows and magpies, drawn to bright plastics and aluminum foil, many of us cultivate our surroundings instinctively, making…