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It seems as if the drama around the theft of artwork from the Gardner Museum will never end. This past week, on March 23rd, Myles Conner was arrested in Natick in connection with the robbery of $700 worth of watches from a jeweler.

Conner is suspected as the mastermind behind the theft of the artwork from The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990. He was investigated by the FBI, despite having the airtight alibi of being in police custody at the time of the thefts. Although he denied involvement, he later stated in 1997 that he knew who was involved, and that he could expedite the return of the stolen works.

On March 28, the Daily News Transcript reported that Conner had been arrested after a man, identified as John King of Charlestown, tried to steal some watches from H. Brandt Jewelers in Natick, and climbed into a car driven by Conner.

The article stated: "Based on Wednesday's arrest, Connor and King are both charged with larceny of property worth more than $250 and conspiracy to commit a crime. Connor is also charged with being an accessory after the fact, receiving stolen property worth more than $250 and being an habitual offender.
King was also charged with unarmed robbery and illegally possessing cocaine."

Although this arrest is unrelated to the theft of artwork from the Gardner Museum, the reappearance of Myles Conner in the press has added fuel to an already roaring fire of controversy around the stolen art. Prior to this arrest, on March 14, The Boston Globereported that the Gardner and the police made a renewed request for a person with information who stepped forward in the past to talk with them again.

Also, in this issue of Big RED & Shiny, William Youngworth (implicated with Conner, and also questioned about the theft) states his version of events after the theft. Youngworth's comments were sent to Big RED editors prior to the arrest of Conner.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
"Gardner Theft: 15 Years Later" by William Youngworth - BRS #20
"Famous art thief arrested in Natick" by Norman Miller, Daily News Transcript

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