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Charles Giuliano is willing to sacrifice his liver for a good interview. Recently, he began publishing his Beer and Burgers series, in which he sits down with those involved in Boston's arts and takes notes while sipping beer. Below are three recent installments fromBeer and Burgers, interviews with George Fifield of the Boston CyberArts Festival, Matthew Nash of Big RED & Shiny, and James Manning of Alternate Currents and Space 200.

Beer and Burgers With... George Fifield
Director Previews Cyberarts Festival
“I opened the door to a conversation that everyone wanted to have. The ideas of new media. And what computers were doing to the arts. Lots of folks were working with Photo Shop and wanted in. At that point it was cutting edge."
Beer and Burgers With... Matthew Nash
Artist, Curator, Publisher, Geek
"I have come to realize that science and art are the same thing. Scientists use math to describe a phenomenon and artists use paint. Now I write computer programs that calculate emotions. But as a teenager nobody related science to anything I could understand."
Beer and Burgers With... James Manning
Artist, Curator, Installer
"My curating has gotten better. I am proud and excited about the upcoming Monochrome show and the abstract show that I did for Space 200 this season. For these projects I have had access to better artists."

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