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In January of 2005, Big RED and Shiny will host our first fundraising event at the Boston Center for the Arts Mills Gallery. We have learned a lot from this past election, and know how important it is to ‘stay on message.’ So, as part of this event, we will host a one-day show called Big RED: Green – featuring artworks on the theme of money.

This is where our Big RED fans come in: we want your work. We are accepting submissions for inclusion in this one-day show, and we want any work you have on the theme of money. We want it in any media, any size, so send it to us right now!

Submission guidelines:

All submissions are due by December 15, 2004. This is not a postmark date!

We want your name, address, email, phone, and a short bio. Most importantly, we need at least one picture of the piece you want to include. As this is a one-day event, please bear in mind that installations or works that require complex setup will not be considered.

We strongly prefer digital images. Email your info and JPEGs to bigredgreen@bigredandshiny.com

If you absolutely cannot send digital files, please mail your info, slides/photos, and SASE to:
Big RED & Shiny
c/o Matthew Nash
48 Saint John St #1
Boston, MA 02130

Remember, the due date is December 15!

Our editors will convene soon after to look at the images, and we’ll send out the results before Christmas.

Please email any questions to bigredgreen@bigredandshiny.com

We can’t wait to see your work!

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