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Art Showdown is a game show about art, and an art exhibition about game shows currently on view at Art Interactive. This project, two years in the making, has involved the full transformation of the gallery into a television studio, with episodes to be filmed in front of a live audience over the course of four weekends. Between live shows, the studio itself becomes the art, encouraging viewers to explore the set and the games, and dream of what it might be like to be a contestant, and to consider what might happen if art were folded into popular culture in such a direct way.

This project was co-curated by Roland Smart and Jeff Warmouth, and features a long list of Boston artists: Megan Goltermann, Jeff Smith, James Manning, Big RED's Matthew Nash, Ravi Jain, Nick Rodrigues, Anna Goldsmith, Paul Consemi, Rob Coshow, Mitsu Toda, and many more.

As a project sponsor, Big RED & Shiny is pleased to announce that the first two episodes were filmed on September 16, 2006, in front of a live audience. CCTV (Cambridge Community Television) will air the first episode on September 30.

Episodes 3 & 4 will be filmed on September 30, with the final three episodes to be filmed on October 14 and 28.

Tickets are available at the show's website, and viewers may be called down as contestants (so dress for action). Make sure you see this large-scale interactive art exhibition during it's brief run.

Art Showdown

"Art Showdown" is on view through October 28, 2006 at Art Interactive.

Image by Rob Coshow, courtesy of Art Showdown and Art Interactive.

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