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Fall is among us, and for Boston that means a flood of students. It’s also the time when the best exhibition venues gear up for those students. It is no secret that the best places to see art in Boston are often at school galleries. We cover them as dutifully as we can each year with our “Back to School” edition. Mass Art, the Museum School, The Art Institute of Boston, Tufts, and Boston University are all reviewed here by our eager writers, most of whom attended at least one of these grand institutions.

There is some business and a bit of administrative news we have for you as well. Founding Contributor Christian Holland, who writes reviews and articles virtually every issue, will now take on the additional role of Executive Editor alongside myself, Chief Editor Mathew Gamber and, of course, our leader and publisher Matt Nash. Christian has been one of the most valuable and talented writers I have worked with and I look forward to him taking an additional voice in all things Big RED & Shiny. However, his conisistently insightful reviews and criticism are too important to downsize.

Part of the impetus for Christian’s grand promotion is the reduced editorial role Rachel Gepner is taking. Wanting to focus more on writing and less on editing, Christian will supplement part of the key role Rachel has filled. We have greatly appreciated all of Rachel’s hard work, though her guidance and insight will be present for important decisions about the “state” of Big RED. She will remain on our board of Directors, alongside Mathew Gamber, Matt Nash and myself.

Confusing enough for you? I suppose all you need to know is that things are rotating a bit. However, all the great things you love about Big RED will remain. Consider us like Van Halen, constantly rotating singers; or the Guerrilla Girls forever shifting roster of spokespeople. Or, wait! We’re like the Blue Man Group: always able to produce a member who can put on some blue and perform. Come to think of it, I would argue that a Big RED & Shiny Group could put on an equally astonishing dance number. Why did they choose Blue anyway? The new issue is out, please enjoy.

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Micah J. Malone has been with Big RED & Shiny since the beginning, and is an executive editor.

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