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By needing what the other has, a joint move by two well known Berkshire institutions by Clark Institute of Art and Mass MoCA - secures space for the former and money for the latter:

From The Exhibitionist:

The Clark Art Institute has a $300 million endowment, more art than it can put on its gallery walls, and is eager to expand. The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, a 15-minute drive away, has plenty of extra space and needs cash.

From The Providence Journal:

The lifelong agreement requires the Clark to renovate three buildings on Mass MoCA's sprawling industrial-looking campus on the site of the former Sprague Electric Co.

While the idea of displaying centuries-old art in a space known for cutting-edge contemporary work might seem odd, directors of both museums say the agreement ensures that older pieces will be seen in a new light.

From The Berkshire Eagle Online:

The project will establish "a permanent Clark presence" at Mass MoCA, Thompson said, noting that the venerable institute "had a way of stepping up in key moments" and giving support to the contemporary art museum, which officially opened in 1999.
Thompson noted that the Clark would be making "significant contributions" to Mass MoCA's endowment and would be making annual payments on the property.

From The Boston Herald:

Museum directors won’t say how much the Clark is spending to renovate and rent the three MassMoCa buildings, but the agreement allows the Clark to occupy the space indefinitely.

Clark Institute of Art
Mass MoCA

Images sources are courtesy of the Mass Moca and The Clark Institute of Art.

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