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As we reported in issue #65, a new gallery named Proof has taken over the space in the Distillery that formerly housed Second Gallery. Co-directed by Julia Hechtman and Kara Braciale, Proof's mission statement promises that "Proof strives to provide a forum that furthers the active contemporary arts discourse in Boston. In collaboration with artists, curators, scholars and viewers, we will draw on a range of experiences and approaches to develop new strategies for productive critical, social and aesthetic engagement."

When considering the transition from Second Gallery to Proof, Kara Braciale notes: "We have enjoyed a seamless transition into the space, mostly due to Rebecca Gordon's amazing professionalism and generosity.  She really went above and beyond in facilitating our move into that location.  Thank you Rebecca and Second Gallery!  The best part about how straightforward the logistics have been is that Julia and I have been able to really focus on the programming and strategize towards enacting our mission."

So what can we expect from Proof? "We are incredibly excited about joining the Boston arts community and if our programming exhibits a geographical bias of any sort it will be towards local artists and projects. We feel really lucky to be entering into a community with such a depth and variety of talent.  That being said, we are most invested in showing work that contextualizes itself into broader conversations and inspires critical engagement.  Our hope is that our efforts at Proof will further establish Boston as a destination for innovative work" states Braciale.

The first show at Proof opens September 22nd, titled "Jeff DeGolier: Fringe Benefits", is described in the press release as "(g)lamorizing what would otherwise be deemed junk, his practice echoes the overwhelming contemporary compulsion for embellishment and self-improvement (pimping, customizing, lifting, sculpting, reshaping, renovating) but with an eye toward examining the links between futility and beauty, wrongness and poetry. In imbuing trash objects with glitz and aspirational motion, he poses questions about our notions of value, beauty and utility."

Proof Gallery

"Jeff DeGolier: Fringe Benefits" is on view Sept. 22 - Nov. 3, 2007 at Proof Gallery.

All images are courtesy of the artist and Proof Gallery.


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