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It's Labor Day Weekend. Our Big RED writers and contributors dug deep (emotionally - the weather outside is alluring) and contributed to this, our 68th issue, the Summer's Growing Old Issue. Galleries follow a close parallel schedule with the school calendar and this part of September is when we redeem our vacation-y August, which usually reputed to have nothing going on in spite of itself. This sentiment is largely untrue, because this issue is packed to the gills. Some new business to note:

Keep Your Comments Coming

Want to discuss an article or review? Check out our new comments feature on the bottom of every article, allowing you to submit your comment and exercise your participation rights for every issue.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Red

Contributor James Nadeau takes the reigns on our new project: Our Daily Red, a partner blog for Big RED and Shiny. As James put it, "The blog allows us to create a dynamic conversation space not just centered on the arts in Boston (although that is a large part of it) but on the arts world as a whole."

Keep Your Party Going

Next week is not Labor Day Weekend, but End of First School Week Weekend. Back to School Rundown leave you demoralized? Celebrate with us on the Big RED and Shiny 2007 Annual release party, hosted by Axiom Gallery on Friday September 7th from 6-9PM. Join us at Green St. on the Orange Line T stop.


About Author

Matthew Gamber is a Boston-based artist with a BFA from Bowling Green State University and an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts University. He has taught at Art Institute of Boston / Lesley University, Boston College, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, College of the Holy Cross, Savannah College of Art & Design, and Massachusetts College of Art & Design and worked on digital preservation projects for Harvard University and the Boston Public Library. Matthew was the Editor in Chief of Big Red & Shiny from 2004 to 2010.

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