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Michael Bakwin, a former inn keeper in Stockbridge, Mass and now a resident of Suffolk, VA will have a few priceless paintings returned to him after their theft from his home nearly thrity years ago. Among the seven paintings originally stolen, a Cezanne still life titled "Pitcher and Fruits" was among the most valuable and was later sold at auction for close to $30 million.

In a long and bizarre story, the original thief, thought to be a Mr. David Colvin, stole the works from Mr. Bakwin and asked his lawyer to hold them in his Watertown office. After Colvin was killed over a gambling debt a little over a year later, his lawyer Robert R. Mardirosian thought he might have some type of claim on the works and later tried to sell them through a Panamanian shell company he created.

Mr. Mardirosian was arrested after getting off a flight and will be charged with possessing, concealing, storing, and attempting to sell stolen goods.



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