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By Christian Holland

Images and the persona of Yassy Goldie, the Master Representative for the Golden Jasmine Yeti Dancers, have been rendered ad infinitum by the artist collective The Miracle 5 for the exhibition ""Holy GJYDhad!" currently on view in Space 242, in Boston's South End. There is some suspicion that Goldie is only an absurd figment of The Miracle 5's frequently sardonic body of work, but we're not hear to be detectives. Big RED and Shiny's Christian Holland set out to get to know Yassy Goldie a little better. The following exchange, which occurred over Facebook, resulted. 1

Christian Holland: Are you pleased so far with the public's response to "Holy GJYDhad!"?

Yassy Goldie: Lol! can yuO please let know the public response. I want to thank for how public experience show in hopes to touch yuoR heart and open eye.

So far vandals rip off Yassy Holy GJYDhad! fan art outside and crumple to ground, don't know why these people so mad. Please Hope ICA fund torn down local Yassy fan artists’ mural pieces for fans. Frank Fairey’s mural at GRAND being “repaired” by the ICA and GJYD artists cannot afford four prints and supplies.

On Facebook, Cristi Rinklin think GJYD was awesome. Joe Grafton wrote “if yuo haven’t seen the installation here, it is INCREDIBLE and yuo should go”. Paula Lawrence said “it was great show…very entertaining.thanks..MORE ART”. Cyrille Conan wrote Yassy show was rad…thanks! Joe Keinberger text ‘show looks awesome’. These people are what they call 'awesome' which makes for being happy.

But makes for Sad when Greg Cook not understand or mention Yassy in review and GJYD don’t remember the FakeGreg Cook in Holy GJYDhad! show. He must of made mistake for Gary Frye, people sometime confuse the too. Cortin Zelaznog thought ”Greg Cook is still kinda pissed and The whole article sounded reluctantly written”. Please let Greg Cook know of link, and that he is not alone (http://www.worldpress.org/Mideast/3310.cfm) Many journalist around world have felt attacks, please start supports group for survivors.

CH: What do you think of the show?

YG: Holy GJYDhad! Is reflection of world, so Can only learn from it, awareness without judgment is how Yassy get the key to finding truth a.k.a formula for $exces$. After seeing all sides of spectrum, Holy GJYDhad! show make eye cry. One woman Patti L. admits to thinking is muddled and does not like her own ascetic. Please just ask GJYD to help paint yuO home and clear head.

CH: What's your favorite piece?

YG: I love all piece favorite of show, everyone contraband piece of heArt.

CH: What's your relationship with The Miracle 5?

YG: I met PRINCESSdie [a member of The Miracle 5]over the networks of internet. It was a golden bond, eventually soon I learn of theMiracle5 need ransom from Pd video and decided to help to give tM5 formula for $excess$ in exchange become incorporated.

CH: Are you an artist?

YG: What is artist? I am MR Yassy Goldie (Master Representative) for the GJYD (Golden Jasmine Yeti Dancers), not to be mistake with the acronym gjyd (girls jumping your dad) and Sometime, I sing outside.

CH: Who are your influences?

YG: Yuo.

CH: Is identity important to you? Do you believe individual people have a true identity?

YG: Oh yuO mean The set of behavioral or personal characteristics by which an individual is recognizable or label as a member of a group. To categorize the quality or condition of being the same as something else is not to see for what yuo truly is. When Yeti pass by beautiful flower and call it rose, then Yeti dismisses the object, nothing special. But when I, Yassy Goldie pass beautiful flower, I not know what is, look closely, and take pleasure in beautiful self. That makes for eye to cry.

CH: Could you talk a little more about the "beautiful self"? Why does it make for eye to cry?

YG: Yes, in talks about flowers have beautiful self-quality that delight the senses, especially sense of sight. Yassy know self is beautiful to looks at. Self is consciousness of one's own being or identity, so far GJYD find these too types of self most in world now; beautiful self-knowledge and accumulated Yeti ego knowledge are different in how reflection occurs.

Yeti is apt to put new wine in old bottles. These Yeti who have studied and experienced sufficiently are likely to interpret according to previous knowledge, or Yeti prejudice.

What makes for understanding beautiful self is direct experience, not putting wine into framework of Yeti's particular system of terminology and experience. Most of Yeti have accumulated knowledge and according to it, Yeti interpret and sometime act mad.

Beautiful self-knowledge does not demand ransom or accumulated knowledge. Accumulated knowledge becomes burden for Yeti to see beautiful self-knowledge. Beautiful self-understanding of total process of GJYD does not demand any previous knowledge. Previous knowledge about self bring misinterpretation and misunderstanding. GJYD is constant movement without accumulation. This knowledge is from moment to moment, self-knowledge is process of discovery of the activities of the beautiful self. Only when there is process of Yeti accumulating knowledge, then it in opposition to creative GJYD being.

Beautiful self-knowledge is essential for GJYD freedom from corroding Yeti frustration. That is why beautiful self-knowledge bring joy and makes for eye to cry.

CH: What are the GJYD (Golden Jasmine Yeti Dancers)? and the gjyd (girls jumping your dad)?

YG: yuO want to know for the very simple reason that if Yeti did not identify GJYD with something, Yeti would be confused, lost, and because of that fear, Yeti want to identify GJYD in order to be safe. GJYD is reflection of world, in many cases GJYD exorsizes against Yeti fears. Once fear gone, peace of beautiful self exist in world. GJYD attempts to shed light on issues and create social change. GJYD is manipulation of ideas and emotions in order to shift focus onto otherwise hidden agendas or social injustices. Using elements of truth, irony, humor and satire. Like a good prank, GJYD is meant to target closed-mindedness, prejudice, hatred and unquestioning thinking. GJYD deconstructs the status quo. GJYD attacks the misuse of power by media, government, business and religion. gjyd is reflection of yuO!

CH: Why do you think people vandalized the Holy GJYDhad! fan art? Do you think they are afraid of you?

YG: So yuo afraid of Yassy too? GJYD know Yeti (and people) fear what they don’t understand. Reacting according to own fear and prejudges.

[1] - EDITOR'S NOTE: No aspect of the text from the dialog has been altered, except where denoted with brackets ([ ]).

Space 242
"The OFFICIAL site Of Golden Jasmine Yeti Dancers"
The Miracle 5

"Holy GJYDhad!" is on view through April 17 at Space 242. An artist talk with Yassie Goldie will take place at Space 242 on April 16 at 7pm.

All images are from the "Holy GJYDhad!" exhibition and courtesy of Ortegacy of The Miracle 5.

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Christian Holland is an aspiring New York City-based essayist who likes writing about how New York City isn't the center of the world. He was executive editor and founding contributor of Big, Red & Shiny, and sat on the publication's board for V2.

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