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This past weekend, the Berwick Research Institute released their first book: BRI*air. As one of Boston's more embattled alternative spaces, the Berwick has been functioning without its exhibition venue or performance space for over a year, since city inspectional services shut them down.
However, their Artist In Research Program (AIR) has flourished, providing studio space, encouragement and support to a long and impressive list of young artists. BRI*air features works by sculptor Christy Georg, David Webber's A0200 Robot, the Belgian collaborative Chambre a Memoir, orchestral group Devil Music Ensemble, architectural designer Aliza Shapiro, multimedia-artist John Osorio-Buck, installation artist Amy Sharp, and sound artist Jessica Rylan. It also features texts by Morgan Schwartz, Ariel Solomon (MIT PhD Candidate), Bill Arning (MIT List Center), Sady Sullivan, and many more.

The Berwick promises new books as the AIR program grows, which would be fantastic as the AIR artists this past season have been great, and were left out of this book. With artists such as Ken Linehan, Ferestha Toosi & Carolyn Lambert, Vaughn Bell and Heather Kapplow all in this year's lineup (some past, some upcoming), this first BRI*air book could be only a small taste of what's to come.

BRI*air is available through the Berwick website: berwickinstitute.org

Image are courtesy of the Berwick Research Institute.

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