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By Micah J. Malone

A casual overview of our current issue strikes me as something of an anomaly. While at times we have focused volumes, we generally publish precisely what is striking the fancy of our writers at the time of publication. Which is only to say that our writers are independent and while one may be at a basement show of post grad students, another may be looking at a University/Museum exhibition. I’d like to say we plan this diversity, but mostly, all we need to accomplish this healthy multiplicity is a trust in our writers to write about interesting things.

Yet, even with our arbitrary miscellany coverage, serendipity sometimes strikes. For Issue #103, a focus on performance in its different forms is threaded through much of the work. Chelsey Philpot’s coverage of the dance group Chunky Move explores men’s reaction to dance and masculinity, while Andi Sutton’s interview of AA Bronson touches on the artist’s long standing interest in masculinity as well. Meanwhile Judy Kermis Blotnick muses on the connections between art and fashion, a form of performance that is perhaps undervalued in the art world. Lastly, Christian Holland reviews William Pope L., who has consistently provoked the world with humor and sharp critique through performance for several decades.

All in all, performance is all over Boston. Go!

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