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Massachusetts Institute of Technology has earned high marks for its collection and display of publicly-sited artworks throughout the campus. Public Art Review, a widely respected journal devoted to public art, has noted MIT's public art collection as one of the best campus collections, slotting into the top ten for their Art on Campus, Spring/Summer 2006 Issue. Currently, the MIT grounds host approximately 50 artworks, excluding the rotating permanent collection of over 1,500 pieces throughout the campus in offices and hallways.

MIT's devotion public art stems back to its 1968 policy, Percent-for-Art policy, to commission artwork to accompany building project, including major renovations. Public art programs for private institutions are rare, making MIT's collection unique among other state mandated programs, bringing international artisits into the planning and design process.

Public Art Review also named the following schools into their "Big Ten": Arizona State University-Tempe, Johnson County Community College in Kansas, Pratt Institute in New York City, Texas Tech, the University of South Florida, Western Washington University, Wichita State University, the University of California-San Diego, and the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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Image courtesy of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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