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On the heels of our fundraiser, it is important to thank a few people for helping it go so well.

Laura, Adra, Kristi and Jen at the BCA for their kindness, support and assistance

Meg, Mary and everyone at the Berwick

Gallery Katz, Samson Projects and Green Street Gallery for their generosity

Gretchen Elise and her band for a fantastic performance

Luke Walker for being a good guy

Stephanie Goode and James Manning for help installing, and for taking pictures

Jamie McMurry for greasing himself up

Randi Hopkins for getting the word out

The individual artists for a great collection of work

And of course the BCA and Big RED volunteers who all helped the night run smoothly: Ben, Candice, Alex, Christian and many more_

Last but not least:
Matthew Gamber and Christophe Perez, who worked much harder than they needed

Thank you all.

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