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You may have noticed, on your way past our welcome page that things look a little different. Sure, we still tell you that we're big, red & shiny. And there is still a picture. But something is new...

One of the new features of Big RED & Shiny allows you to add an image to our front page. Simply click the 'show off your artwork' link and add an image. Each day, our editors will choose a new picture to show on the front page!

Use this feature to show off your artwork, photographs, and more. Art-lovers can check back every day and see new images to get excited about.


While we're on the subject of new features, there are a few other changes to Big RED we thought you should know about:

  • Our Listings section now features images, so you can get a taste of what's in store before you venture out.
  • Each article now features a link for you to email the piece to a friend, so you can share your favorite website with everyone you know.
  • Our archives are now available in Calendar View. If you are looking for an issue that launched near a certain date, find it here.

We are always trying to make Big RED & Shiny better. We hope you enjoy our work!

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