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I just wanted to take a few moments, here at the start of autumn, to open the doors of Big RED to all of you, our loyal Big RED fans.

As you know, Big RED is a small online arts journal for Boston. We started the project as a way to bring a voice to arts of Boston, and to treat the Hub as it's own great city rather than a 'lesser New York.' Based on the response we've had over the last ten issues, I'd say that Boston is very excited about Big Red.

This is our eleventh issue, the Back-to-School issue, and it is with this in mind that I am writing. We are aware that many of you are teachers, professors, deans, registrars, advisors, bursars, administrators or in another capacity helping to shape the minds of students, and (ultimately) the future of Boston and its arts. We are also aware that many of you are students, once again surrounded by friends and inspiration, looking to the city around you for support and guidance.

Big RED wants you all!
We want to be a voice for Boston, and there are many of you out there who want a place to speak. If you know of someone whose ideas belong on Big RED, or feel that you have something to offer, now is the time!

Have you written a good essay for class, or been inspired by the work of a student? Have you seen some great work that isn't being talked about anywhere else? Are you wondering where you fit in to the Boston scene? Do you want to let the world know about a new or different scene opening up right now?
We want it!

Take an evening to think it over. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Then send a sample to our editors: submissions@bigredandshiny.com

Big RED wants you! Show us what you've got!

Matthew Nash

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