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Ahhhhhhhhh.... summer.

There are many great things about a summer in New England. For Bostonians and Cantabridgians, the streets are suddenly quiet after the departure of all those pesky students. For everyone else, there are green trees and chirping birds, long lunches in the warm sun, perhaps a stroll through the Fenway to the MFA or a leisurely afternoon on Newbury Street with a stop at a gallery or two. There are vacations to take, books to read, pale bits of skin to expose to sunlight, lawns to mow, cars to wash, and so so so so so much more.

Cranking out Big RED & Shiny every other week is, admittedly, not the most stressful way to spend one's time. However, with summer upon us, finding time between margaritas and trips to the beach will be quite difficult. So, as we have for the past two years, we will take a bit of a break over the summer.

Don't worry, we're not going away altogether. For the months of June and July we will be cutting back to a monthly schedule, returning to our bi-weekly issues in mid-August in anticipation of the new school year.

In the meantime, if you see us lounging outside Thornton's sipping a cool drink, stop and say hi. We won't be busy, we promise.

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