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Pointing out that Boston is a college town is like saying the Pope is Catholic: so redundant as to not be worth the effort. As college towns, Boston & Cambridge are prone to a peculiar type of transient culture, as faculty and students come and go every year. For us at Big RED & Shiny, this has meant a dramatic change in the interests of our audience, and our contributors, over the past few years as many have left New England for other regions yet wish to remain involved. Even better, many want to talk about the great art they are seeing in their new environs.

It is with this in mind that we announce the launch of a new section of our site: Out-Of-Town.

Out-Of-Town is our new home for articles, reviews and more from contributors outside of New England. While we will still continue to focus on New England, the abundance of interesting and noteworthy art outside of our region cannot be ignored. Nor will we ignore the great contributors who want to tell you about it.

This issue we inaugurate Out-Of-Town with three pieces. First, regular contributor Jason Dean offers the first in a series of articles about artists lectures throughout New York City, including audio excerpts. Second, our pals at Bad At Sports in Chicago have provided a review of an exhibition of paintings by David Coyle. Last, but not least, Steve Aishman offers a glipse of Atlanta at Saltworks Gallery in an ON THE TOWN.

One of the great advantages of bringing coverage from outside the New England region is that we can, in turn, promote our art scene to a greater audiece. In a first for Big RED, as a trade for a review from Chicago, we will begin to include an audio report from NE in the Bad At Sports podcast.

Everybody wins!

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