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A follow up on a news item from last Issue 41:

This past April 10th, the House Ways and Means Committee proposed a budget that would include a 6% funding increase for the Massachusetts Cultural Council. This proposal overall is $3 million more than Governor Mitt Romney's proposed '07 budget.

Last week at the eleventh hour, the house voted increase the MCC funding along with alotting for a minimum amount for improving cultural facilities (like school buildings thoughout the state).

From Dan Hunter, Executive Director for MAASH:

. . . the Massachusetts House of Representatives voted to dramatically increase funding for arts and culture in Massachusetts. The House voted to approve an an amendment that will increase funding for the Massachusetts Cultural Council by $1.5 million over last year and voted to approve a landmark cultural facilities funding law that includes a minimum of $13 million in FY 07 funding for cultural facilities improvements.

The House-approved budget will increase the MCC general line item by $1.25 million, raise the minimum grants to Local Cultural Councils to $4,000 and increases the John and Abigail Adams Cultural Economic Development fun by $250,000.

Masssachusetts Cultural Council
Massachusetts Advocates for the Arts, Sciences, & Humanities, MAASH
Massachusetts House of Representatives

Story courtesy of Dan Hunter and MAASH; image courtesy of mass-culture.org

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