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With the launch of Geoff Edgers new blog "The Exhibitionist" via The Boston Globe, we at Big RED thought it would be a good time to look at some of our favorite art blogs from around the blogosphere. There are many great minds out there, sharing their thoughts on art, culture, and much more.

We Make Money Not Art
Their website sums up their range of topics: "'90s . activism . advertising . architecture . ars electronica . art . art from china . art from japan . art futura . augmented reality . body . cloclo . cybersonica . cyborgs . design . entertainment . eTech . events . events : COMPETITIONS . gadgets . games . green . GSM/delft . inflatable . installation . interview . journalism . labs . life online . locative . machine 2 machine . nanotechnology . other reports . politics . privacy . rfid . robots . salone2006 . security . sex . small talks . software . sound . sousveillance . space . street . telephony . transmediale . transport . trends . ubiquitous computing . venice biennale . vintage . wearable . wifi . "

Modern Kicks
This blog by the mysterious JL is probably the most read by BRS staff. Updating daily, it is filled with a unique perspective on New England life and culture, as well as great insights and links to a stunning depth of resources.

The Thinking Eye
SMFA alum Arthur Whitman is based out of Ithaca, and writes about the arts of central New York. He is also quite eloquent with his theory, and offers up smart and provocative writing.

While not a true 'blog', Charles Giuliano has been sending his Maverick column via email for years. The recent addition of a website, complete with an archive of past writing, is as unique as Charles himself.

Hobo Wilson
Artist and past Big RED contributor Nathan Lewis hosts his wide range of thoughts on art of all varieties. He seems to seek out some of the most bizarre work available today, and distill it into a blog with depth.

Thinking About Art
During college I discovered art and I've been an artist and collector since. In order to understand the art world, and my miniscule place in it, I started this blog to work through my thoughts. I hope that it helps me and anyone else who stumbles upon this.

Bad At Sports
This podcast out of Chicago is a weekly show about art in the midwest. The three hosts weave together an entertaining experience every time, and manage to cover a broad range of work while meeting the most interesting people along the way.

Amanda Congdon hosts this daily, reporting " . . . on international arts, technology and weblog drama". This vlog, part spoof on TV newsdesk etiquette, is perhaps one of the only english speaking news programs to feature a world map that doesn't cut Asia into two continents.

Martin Bromirski takes a good long look at what is going on. Based out of Richmond, VA, he is a smart guy with great ideas.

Walker Art Center: Blogs
A number of blogs under the umbrella of the Walker Arts Center in Minneanapolis, MN. Favorites are Off Center, Visual Arts, and New Media Initiatives.

Art Fag City
Paddy Johnson in NYC has this to say about her blog: "As relevant as Eric Fischl. New York art news, reviews and gossip. Send fan mail and tips. Anonymity assured."

Anonymous Female Artist (A.K.A. Militant Art Bitch)
Greetings. I'm Edna, the anonymous female artist. I'm opinionated and angry at the current state of the male-dominated art world. I'm here to bring attention to the evil-doings of artists, critics, gallerists, and anyone else who's making it hard for us. I'm a militant art bitch who is dedicated to justice for all!

"simpleposie is functional, sincere and from Toronto" says the banner of this simple blog. Unlike other blogs that offer (at best) analysis and (at worst) self-indulgent ramblings, Simpleposie merely asks questions and invites readers to consider life and art for themselves as they ponder their response. Always a nice stop for an introspective interlude.

"Connecting Art and Technology" Out of NY, in conjunction with the New Museum of Contemporary Art, this blog is an offshoot of the Rhizome praxis which serves " . . . to provide a platform for the global new media art community. The organization takes its name from the botanical term for an underground stem that connects plants into living networks, a metaphor for the organization's non-hierarchical structure." Membership allows for access into Rhizome's 10 years+ archive of writing and articles including its unique global, searchable, artwork archive, ArtBase.

Where the spin is art. Also based in NY and founded in 2000 as an e-zine "devoted to the politics of art and culture in the digital age", it later morphed into a blog format. Edited by Joy Garnett, Newsgrist "remains dedicated to bridging gaps between the digital and the, non-technical, art and activism".

Welcome To Amyville
Amy Carpenter's video blog out of Jamaica Plain is a great study of art, city life, and much more.

Recycling the web in real time - postings of cultural topics of debate from a variety of soucres off the web. Discussion board with a flurry of responses follows on each entry ranging from education, crime, politics, etc.

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