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This April 10th, the House Ways and Means Committee proposed a budget that would include a 6% funding increase for the Massachusetts Cultural Council. This proposal overall is $3 million more than Governor Mitt Romney's proposed '07 budget.

This new budget provides the MCC with a $600,000 increase over this past year's budget, providing a total 32% increase since 2002, when the budget was cut by over 60%.

Dan Hunter, Executive Director of MAASH, noted in his email announcement that, " . . . MAASH welcomes this increase in state funding because investment in arts and culture will help generate revenue for the state. The House recognized the value of cultural economic development by restoring the John and Abigail Adams Cultural Economic Development fund that the Governor had designated for elimination. We must continue to use every available economic development tool in restore jobs and support our communities".

The overall increase in the budget reflects not only MCC, but also other programs that will assist in school building initiative across the state and provide aid to smaller municipalities. The budget will come up for debate later this month before releasing the final version this May before sending it to Governor Romney for approval.

Masssachusetts Cultural Council
Massachusetts Advocates for the Arts, Sciences, & Humanities, MAASH
Massachusetts House of Representatives

Story courtesy of Dan Hunter and MAASH; image courtesy of mass.gov

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