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Do you remember when PBS would interrupt your favorite shows to ask for money? Or when Jerry Lewis and his friends asked for your support? Every telethon appealed to the better angels of our nature, with banks of volunteers answering phones and taking down information while a host talked about the importance of giving money to support the organizations and ideas that we think are important.

At Big RED & Shiny, we don't do telethons.

Our anti-telethon is currently underway, and we are asking for your money. It doesn't take much, a few dollars will suffice. We will use your contribution to continue our work, and you can feel good about supporting an organization that you think is important. At the very least, a few dollars from you will shut us up for a bit, and we all have to admit that deep down inside our motivation for donating to NPR is so they will shut up and get back to the news.

So, that's our pitch. No volunteers answering your calls, no clowns or unicyclists, no promises of coffee mugs and tote bags. Just more great arts coverage, an expanded and improved website, and a print annual.

You can donate safely and securely with Paypal by clicking the button to the left,
or mailing a check to:

Big RED & Shiny
PO Box 300201
Boston, MA 02130

Thanks for all your support!

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