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Take a stroll through our new issue and you will be impressed with some new updates. For one, take a quick look through our LINKS section, which our publisher has updated and formatted quite impressively. Here you will find some great links to not only other Boston organizations but some excellent sites around the country we support (by good will that is).

Speaking of support… don’t hesitate to click on that PayPal button to give to our anti-telethon. While I understand reluctance in using this online service or to just giving out money in general, I know you readers understand we will do wonderful things with your donations. Of all the positive comments I hear about our little pink site, the desire to see a print form of Big RED & Shiny is the most common. With your help, this goal will be realized. There are various things that could help you along in this process. Our editor-in-chief Mr. Matt Gamber just informed me he gave $20 to Wikipedia just because he loves it (and was slightly drunk). So if that’s all it takes, just kick a few back! Give to what you love! Give to Big RED!

Lastly, in a recent gathering of us at Big Red we expressed the desire to see the FORUM section take off a little. I often think fondly about the potential for online battles of the revolutionary kind. So please dear readers, check out the FORUM, express an opinion, flame out and piss off the perpetrators! But, please no dating. BRS is strictly for expressing absurd and questionable opinions under a false name. Okay, just to sum up: Give money, check out the new links, give money, and go to the FORUM. But most importantly: enjoy the new issue as it has all the great stuff you’ve come to expect.

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Micah J. Malone has been with Big RED & Shiny since the beginning, and is an executive editor.

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