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Editor's Note: There's something about the work of Craig Drennen that makes people want to respond. His artwork taps into a wide range of aesthetic and emotional responses, not to mention humor and pop culture. Normally on Big RED & Shiny we feature written reviews of exhibitions, but the response to Drennen's "Pictures From The Phantom Zone" has inspired some more creative submissions. First, we feature a composition by musicians Todd Marston and Kai McMurtry that was created as part of a series of musical responses to art. Secondly, we have a video by Heidi Marston and Patrick Short (of Superfriends), interviewing Drennen during the opening reception.

Todd Marston & Kai McMurtry's musical response to "Pictures From The Phantom Zone
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Patrick Short (as Steve Aishman) and Heid Martson's video interview with Craig Drennen
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Samson Projects

"Pictures From The Phantom Zone" was on view from January 5 - February 10 at Samson Projects at 450 Harrison Ave., in Boston, MA.

All images are courtesy of the artist and Samson Projects.

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