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Due to impending cuts in the state budget, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has recommended that money to fund the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) be cut.

A plea from Dan Hunter, Executive Director for Massachusetts Advocates for the the Arts, Sciences & Humanities (MAASH):

Please call or e-mail your legislator as soon as possible to ask your legislator to request a $7.5 million increase in the Massachusetts Cultural Council appropriation. In spite of rising state revenues, the state is facing across the board pressure on the budget because of rising health care costs and the potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds for programs ranging from education, transportation and social services. Governor Romney has responded by recommending a $2.4 million cut for the MCC.

We will have to significantly increase our advocacy efforts to stave off this cut and to gain an increase for the MCC. The Legislature has long recognized the important role that arts and culture plays in the Commonwealth and has been very supportive of the MCC. As the Legislature is considering the Governor

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