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The documentary "Zizek!" has been released by Hidden Driver Productions and Documentary Campaign, a non-profit working to combine progressive politics with artistic filmmaking. Hartford's Real Art Ways made itself the first New England venue for this film on Friday, February 3rd.

Slavoj Zizek is perhaps the most notorious philosopher and cultural theorist working today. Often referred to as "an academic rock star" or "the Elvis of Cultural Theory" the documentary promises to give insightfulness and intrigue to this engaging and sometimes controversial figure. The crew follows this intellectual maverick around lecture halls in New York, Buenos Aires and his home in Ljubljana, Slovenia as he passes through crowds of college kids, always trying to reveal the hidden workings of ideology, belief, and revolution- his favorite topics.

Always lacing his unique take on Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Marxism with jokes, pop culture, and his ever expanding knowledge of film, "Zizek!" promises to be entertaining and enlightning.

More about Zizek! including a trailer at the Slought Foundation website.

All images are courtesy of the Slought Foundation website.

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