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As Big, Red and Shiny enters year three I am reminded of our first issue two years ago. Sean Horton was editor then and asked me to write about the “Rare Vermeer” that was then on display at the MFA. Not having permission to use photographs for publication we ended up snapping a picture of myself standing in front of it, something akin to a strategically posed tourist shot. As the issues moved forward it was never clear how long Big, Red would exist or to what capacity. Yet to my surprise, Big Red has registered quite a following and moved beyond our humble beginnings. Our assumption that Boston was in need of a new critical voice rang true.

Our publisher recently noted that we broke a record for individual hits last month. Reaching 10,000 in a month seemed like an unfathomable goal from our humble beginnings, yet as time has progressed and more quality issues have followed, I can say with pride that BRS occupies a unique position in the Boston art scene. Countless emails every week remind me how many readers we really have: Curators and gallerists saying they want our audience, fun gossip that gets passed through my ears, or gossip that many presume I am privy too (I really know nothing mind you).

However, it is the countless press releases that keep me most interested. Why someone thinks BRS is interested in the release party for a website to R. Kelley is beyond me. It is also without reason why my “editorial comments” may be useful or needed to pamphlets on Viagra or Penis enlarging. Ah yes, life on the Internet publishing circuit is grand. Yet, it is in part the ridiculousness of the many press releases we receive that has, in part, inspired this issue. Our PREDICTIONS take a humorous look at the future of arts in Boston. No, we are not changing BRS into an Onion knock-off, just thought a “look at the future” was ripe for some humorous takes.

As for the real future, BRS is here to stay. Be on the look out for our new architectural writer Marrikka Trotter, as well as an issue dedicated to the always-heated debate between the function of art and its relationship to architecture. Interviews with Ravi Jain, Clifford-Smith, Joe Gibbons, Louise Bourque and Dana Schutz are in the works as is a full-length article on the painter’s current exhibition at the Rose. Also in store is a BRS book. While we are not transferring our operation to printed pages, we do have plans for printing an edition of the wonderful writing you have all come to expect. The future looks strong. Cheers.



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Micah J. Malone has been with Big RED & Shiny since the beginning, and is an executive editor.

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