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Back in issue #25 we said goodbye to Big RED's editor-in-chief Matthew Gamber as he left Boston for Savannah and a cushy teaching job. His 18 issues with Big RED were full of growth and progress, and his hard work shaped the nature of our little pink site.

So, here's the thing.... um, well, you see... he never really left. Despite the gifts and fanfare and tearful goodbyes, he is still with us. It is a testament to the glory of email, certainly, but also to Gamber's commitment to making Big RED the best it can be. After a short hiatus to get settled in Georgia, Gamber returned to us with new writers, new ideas, and a continued energy to make Big RED & Shiny awesome.

Big RED writers and editors have known of his return for some time, but it seems important to note that his guiding hand is still shaping Big RED, alongside the wonderful work done by Micah Malone and Rachel Gepner. Welcome back, Gamber, and don't leave again.

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