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The subject of art in academia is something that I feel very strongly about and it is a subject that is unavoidable in Boston. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a school in this town and love them or hate them you can’t be ambivalent.

Enter Big RED. We exist to provide a forum for this kind of discussion, and I hope that readers feel they can respond. And…yeah. It’s amazing. I’m trying to think of something useful to say, but mostly I am just filled with wonder and gratitude.

I’m indebted to my co-editors and publisher, and to our writers for their thoughtful responses. I’m an artist, and I really have no business doing anything journalistic, but here it’s enough to be a thinking person who cares about something. [Brushing away a tear]

Now this is the part of the speech where I put in something political…supporting democracy in the Middle East, or something about freedom of the press (in this case, to be unprofessional and profane).

And now they start playing the music, passive aggressively letting me know that I need to shut up and get the hell off stage.


Miss America picture found here

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